The same birthday card has been going back-and-forth between two cousins in Louisiana for over 40 years, and this year it made it to Alaska.

Y'all remember Debbie Ray, right? She is a broadcast legend in South Louisiana and, after retiring last year, made the drive to Alaska to open a B&B.

Back sometime in the 1970s, Debbie Ray sent her cousin a birthday card that read "Happy Birthday to a Good-Looking Relative".

Inside the card, the message was a cute one: "Save this card. You can send it to me on my birthday!"

happy birthday card 2
photo by Debbie Ray

Debbie Ray sent the card to her cousin Johnny at some point in the 1970s, and Johnny did his part: he saved it to send it back to her on her birthday. It has now been going back-and-forth, every year, ever since. Kudos to Johnny for getting the card to her ON HER BIRTHDAY. I don't know if Johnny strategically planned for it to arrive on her birthday, or if he just lucked out (if I were you, Johnny, I'd tell people that you planned it that way).

Anyway, in a time of what seems like mostly negative news, I found this story to be refreshing. Maybe it will be an inspiration for someone else to start a great family tradition that can last.

By the way: we miss you, Debbie Ray!


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