With high school graduation ceremonies being disrupted by the coronavirus epidemic, senior pictures are more important than ever. But, don't go looking to take pictures on a railroad track because if you do, you're breaking the law.

My wife saw a post in the Acadiana Moms Group on Facebook from someone looking for a good place with railroad tracks to take Senior pictures. Everyone started replying telling her it's illegal to take any kind of pictures on railroad tracks. I did a little research and sure enough, it is indeed against the law.

Aside from being dangerous, I honestly didn't know it was illegal. I asked a few people around the building here, and they didn't know either.

"Trespassing onto railroad property, including tracks, bridges, buildings and signal towers, is illegal. Violators are subject to a citation for trespassing. Union Pacific will seek removal from publication any photograph or video that violates this policy."

Looks like if you need railroad tracks in the background for your Wedding or Senior pictures, Photoshop is the safest and more legal way to go.



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