The last time it happened Franklin D. Roosevelt was President of the United States. For the first time since 1944 and not again until 2039, this Halloween will produce something in the sky that many will only see once in their lifetime.

October 31, Mother Nature will give us the second full moon of the month known as a "blue moon". The moon won't be blue, it's just a term used to describe the second full moon of any month. There was a full moon on October 1, the second of the month will be Halloween night.

The October "blue moon' is also sometimes referred to as a "Hunters' Moon".

The moon won't be the only thing changing on Halloween evening, your clocks will have to change as well. Before bed this Saturday, October 31, you will need to set your clocks back one hour as Americans end Daylight Saving Time on November 1. The sun will appear earlier in the morning and night will come faster making the days seem shorter.

The forecast for Saturday evening in Acadiana suggests a clear sky with an overnight low of 50 degrees.

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