Labor Day is right around the corner, marking that the end of summer is here. That means that it is time to get the kids ready for school and thanks to to the lockout being over, football season is almost here! This means there will be many football parties heading your way. In order to get you ready for this year's Labor Day, we have compiled a list of what we want to save on. Labor Day is known for it's sales, so here are our Top 5 "we hope you're on sale" items.

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With the one season ending and a new one beginning, it is always a great time to update your home. But new furniture is expensive and is usually something we take a lot of time deciding on. Labor Day is the perfect time to jump on great savings when it comes to furniture. Get that special piece you have been longing for or invest in a new recliner to watch the Saints in. Whatever is it you are looking for, look for the Labor Day deals to get it.

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BBQing is always great fun. It is a time to get together and celebrate while enjoying delicious food. If you don't have a grill or it is time to update, you should definitely do it while also enjoying great savings. BBQ and football go hand-in-hand and we should all have a good grill so that we can have some great football parties.

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Food for Grilling


If we suggest you get a grill to cook on, you will definitely need some great meat to cook. Lafayette has just been named the best small town for food so we need to live up to that title. Look out this year for some awesome savings on all the food you're going to need to throw the best football/Labor Day party in the city.

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What's a party without beer in South Louisiana? Well, not everyone will agree with that statement, but I am sure a lot will. But with all the drinking we seem to do around here, it can get pretty expensive. That is why beer/alcohol is on our list of things to save on for Labor Day.
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Swimming Pools


With the heat of the summer still lingering in Acadiana, and not seeming to go away anytime soon, a swimming pool could be the perfect addition on Labor Day. We are hoping that not only will you be able to get a great swimming pool to entertain and relax in, but we hope you get great savings on that pool as well.


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