My nephew had his 6th birthday party today, and as his dad lifted him up to retrieve one of his presents, the whole family ended up giggling!

Shannon has a knack for picking out great, fun gifts for her nieces and nephews. I had her on the phone when I went shopping for Peanut's birthday, and she directed me straight to the whoopie cushions and slimeballs. Her words were: "with a 6-year-old boy,  whoopie cushions and slimeballs will be a hit every time!", and she was right!

Along with that whoopie cushion, I got him a Tomato Slimeball - a ball of goo that sticks to walls and such.

Well, it obviously sticks to ceilings, too! Watch as the family laughs as Peanut, with his dad's help, tries to reach it!


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