Buffalo, New York is only for the toughest of the tough when it comes to the winter months. They've been getting battered with negative temperatures, blizzards, and many feet of snow over the Christmas weekend.

The weather unfortunately proved fatal.

People do what they can in this severe weather to protect themselves, and sometimes protect others.

Meet Sha’Kyra Aughtry -- she became a hero to an unknown man in the midst of this dangerous weather.

Sha’Kyra was at home on Christmas Eve when she heard a man screaming out on the street in the intense snowstorm.

According to her Facebook live stream, she carried 64-year-old Joe White into her house and out of the brutal cold. She used a hair dryer to melt the ice off of his near-frostbitten hands, and a grass cutter to get the rings off of his fingers.

Here's a clip of her live stream:

In fear for the man's life, she called emergency responders. No one came. She exhausted every option she could with no help. She was terrified Joe was going to die because of his condition.

Someone watching her live stream got a snow plow and unburied them from the home and helped them to the hospital.

After getting to the hospital, the man miraculously remembered his sister's number. Joe's sister, Yvonne, says that Joe got disoriented on his way home from work Christmas Eve morning.

Joe has developmental disabilities and lives in a group home.

Yvonne says she is beyond thankful to Sha'Kyra and her boyfriend for helping out Joe in his desperate time of need. Joe is recovering in the ICU and would have died if it weren't for the ultimate act of kindness.


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