A feel-good story is much needed with the state of the world nowadays. Random acts of kindness will always be important to participate in. When we do see those caring acts, we are caught off guard and sometimes overwhelmed with emotion.

One nurse in New York went above and beyond her job duties for one patient and his four-legged best friend with one of the most selfless and heartwarming things I have ever seen.

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Jennifer Smith, a nurse at a senior center, knew she had to do something when one of her patients was admitted to the facility and would no longer be able to care for his dog. She promised him that she would do anything in her power to take care of the 13-year-old best friend, Boomer.

Jennifer didn't know where the dog was taken at this point, but she called every shelter in the area. She eventually found him at the local humane society and she went beyond taking care of Boomer.

Adult Day Healthcare at The Grand at Rome
Adult Day Healthcare at The Grand at Rome

Jennifer adopted Boomer. She brought the sweet pup to visit his owner until he is released from the hospital and able to care properly for Boomer.

Pets mean the world to anyone that has one. This situation proves that. Imagine that you're alone, sick, and have to go into the hospital with no one to watch the living creature that you spend every day with and love.

This nurse showed compassion beyond comprehension by adopting this animal just so that someone that she is caring for knows that his best friend is cared for.

It takes one act of kindness, random or not, to potentially change or help someone during a tough time in their life. This story touched me deeply because genuine compassion and caring are not often seen or showcased. I'm glad the world witnessed this touching story because maybe it will inspire others to lend a helping hand.

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