Starting the year off with a good deed is what two people did in Michigan.  Just before New Year's Eve, two people gave a $2020 tip to a single mother at a restaurant in Detroit.  Danielle Frazoni, 31, was in shock after she saw the tip she was given by two regulars at the Thunder Bay River Restaurant in Alpena, near Detroit. The tab total was just $23 and they left her a $2020 tip.  Not twenty dollars and twenty cents. She received a two thousand twenty-dollar tip.  The customers wrote a message on the receipt wishing Franzoni a Happy New Year and they referred to the tip as the “2020 Tip Challenge”.  Franzoni immediately started crying and asked her manager if the tip was real. She is currently trying to get her life back on track after overcoming drug addiction and two years of being sober. She is also in the process of trying to regain custody of her three children. At one time, she was living at a homeless shelter and had nothing but the clothes on her back.

Facebook of TBR/Thunder Bay River Bar & Grill

Franzoni said she plans on using the money to get her driver’s license, which she hasn’t had for ten years.  She said that will allow her to see her children more often.