One wife didn't hold back while in a restaurant.

A viral photo of a receipt shows how one woman felt after a waitress may have gone too far when conversing with her husband.

Often waitresses and even waiters will approach the "flirting line" when talking to you, in hopes that you leave a nice tip.

I think we've all been there whether in a restaurant or bar, and you know where I am going with this.


Well, one waitress apparently referred to a woman's husband as "Sweetheart" and this did not sit well with her.

So, when it came time to leave a tip, the woman left NO tip, and in the area where you would tip a waitress or waiter, she wrote, 'Don't call my husband sweetheart."

Since posting this photo thousands have shared it and as you may expect, there have been many differing opinions about what this woman said and what she did not leave.

I ask, did she go too far here or was this wife just in writing this and not leaving a tip? You can let us know how you feel about this in the comment section on social media.


Here's a full report on what this woman left upon leaving an establishment.

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