"You Have to Wear Your Last Text on a T-Shirt. What Does it Say?" is what we asked Lafayette online. We read everything from sweet to not safe for work. Everything from "Menopause sucks." to "Ok my love. I hope you have a great day".

Here are what some t-shits around Lafayette might say if we took the last text message from cellphones around Acadiana and used them to make t-shirts.

"No man has figured out what goes on in a woman's head." -Paul A.

"I love you." -Samara S.

"Stopped by Randy's for a drink. Love you." -Chris H.

"Mais La." -Debora H.

Good morning sexy. -Beverly L.

"Fall for Jesus." -Arlene M.

"Thanks for the seafood stew." -Sarah K.

"...the day you wouldn't let me sit by you on the boar." -Ashlee R.

"Drink up podnuh! Are you there for work?" -Shane L.

"Good luck at your dentist appointment" -Ivy M.

Quit listening to what they say and start watching what they do. -Terri L.

"Chimney going up!" -Mary R.

"Are you stupid?" -Edward S.

"Read that better when you are home." -Charlotte D.

"Made it to work. I love you." -Lori S.

"perf!" -Alexa T.

Good Lord people are stupid. -Della K.

"I'm not going tomorrow night. I have a toothache." -Kelie C.

"Who goes first, carpenters or plumbers?" -Lynn D.

"Mom wants to know how much money she has left in her account." -Tanya E.

"We need to laugh." -Sue D.


I'm about to break my car horn today. -Arturo T.

"Wordle 312 3/6" -Nichole D.

"It's Official." -Donna S.

"I need one of those coffee makers." -Shannon M.

"Sorry I have people here." -Catherine F.

Oh holy sh**. What did you do???? -Stephen F.

Now if you were going to wear a t-shirt with only one of these text messages, which one would it be?

Thanks to everyone who shared their private text messages with us. This was fun!

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