If you love Ragin' Cajun Football then get ready for another home game this Saturday, October 21 at Cajun Field. It's the Homecoming game!

This Saturday evening, Louisiana's Ragin' Cajuns will be taking on the 5-and-1 Georgia State team. The kickoff at 7:00 p.m. The Cajuns have beaten them six times before.

Lousiana-Lafayette v Creighton
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What Do We Do If We Want to Access Free Parking?

As usual, free parking is available at two spots surrounding Cajun Field. While we had changed for the first home game of the season back on September 2, parking for this Saturday's game will be the normal two areas.

Officials with the Ragin' Cajuns say free parking is available at the Cajundome. In addition to that space, we can all park for free at the grassy area surrounding the LITE Center.

Parking at the LITE Center was halted on September 2 because of the burn ban and the concern that some part of a heated vehicle could spark a blaze. Officials have now decided parking will be allowed at the site again.

UL Football
Photo Courtesy: ragincajuns.com

What Do I Need to Know about Parking for Tailgating and a Ragin' Cajuns Football Game?

Don't Just Park Anywhere

You need to pay attention to where you may want to park because you may not have a pass for that area. Most areas have parking based on their tailgating spots and their contributions to the Ragin' Cajun Athletic Foundation, (RCAF), for example.

Don't Park in a Business Parking Lot

Don't park in the Rouse's parking lot, Drug Emporium lot, or any business lot surrounding the stadium and Cajun Field. You are probably going to get towed. Those lots are for business customers only.

Double-check to See If Parking is Available on the Street

In most cases, you are not going to be able to park on a side street. You likely are not going to find parking in residential areas. If you do find something, check and double-check that you can park there. You don't want to get towed.

Also, for parking, if you already have your passes for your tailgating section and the game, here is the map to know where your area is to park and which gate you will go to:

Football Ticket & Parking Information
Map photo courtesy of Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns

What If I Don't Have Tickets to the Game Yet?

If you don't have tickets yet to the Cajuns vs. Buffalo match-up, click here to purchase your seats.

If I Can't Go to the Game, How Can I Listen to It?

If you are not able to go to the game you have several options on how you can listen to the game and/or see the game. Click here to get information on how to listen to your local broadcasters calling the game.

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