It's time to address one of the biggest problems in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Some drivers are still not obeying the blue lines in parking lots and those who are in wheelchairs are the ones most affected.

A few photos on social media over the weekend have got some fired up after a mother (Sonya Duhon), who is wheelchair-bound, showed why you should never park in a parking spot with blue lines across it.

That area is off-limits for parking so that those who do have to park in handicapped spots can enter and exit their vehicles with ease.

Well, on this day, someone in the truck that you see above, ignored the blue lines and parked right next to a handicapped parking spot and the woman bound to her wheelchair could not exit her vehicle.

She tells us that her husband had to get into her vehicle, while she was still in it, and move their van just so she could exit it.

Unfortunately, when there is no one with her, she is often forced to wait until others move so that she can exit her van while in her wheelchair.

Look, I know that we are all in a hurry these days, but it is beyond time that we all respect designated parking spots for those who are not as mobile as some.

It's heartbreaking to hear from people in wheelchairs who cannot exit their vehicles because someone felt entitled to park in an area where they should not have, and sadly this has been going on across the city and state.

As a reminder, please be considerate of those who need these parking spots and space to enter and exit their vehicles. A few more steps to the front door won't hurt anyone.

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