Moncus Park has been a wonderful addition to the Lafayette community but there has been an announcement that have some residents upset.

It seems as though new fees are coming to Moncus Park.

There will now be a parking fee to visit Moncus Park. The fees are supposed to start in July and will charge guests by the hour.

While many people don’t like the idea of having to pay a fee to park, Moncus Park officials say that the park has to be maintained and cared for so this is one way of offsetting those expenses.

Implementing the fee to park will allow Moncus Park to have a daily income stream so that the park can continue to be maintained.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

“So those come in a lot of different shapes and sizes so one of them is A nominal parking fee. Another will be the dog park which has a $10 annual fee for a dog park permit,” JP MacFadyne told KATC TV 3.

Many on social media have expressed concern over this announcement. However, according to the executive director of Moncus Park, this is something that they can do since the park is privately owned.

“The daily operations of the park are not paid with tax dollars, so we need little income streams to cover those costs,” JP MacFadyne told KATC TV 3.

Only cars will be charged the parking fee. Anyone who walks or bikes into the park will not be charged a fee.


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