He's got a point.

A TikTok user has gone viral after he did a post/video shoot suggesting that we have been parking wrong in parking lots.

For too long we have been told to always park in between the lines in a parking lot, but @bibbruvva_77 says that isn't the way we should park our vehicles.

He suggests that we should all park on the one line of the designated parking space, thus preventing others from hitting your vehicle with their own car door.

As you'll see in the video below, if everyone parks as such, there's plenty of space between vehicles, which allows for others to exit their vehicle without hitting your car or truck.

Look, while I love this concept or idea, we all know that not everyone will follow this, thus there will always be one or two vehicles that mess up this idea.

Have you noticed how bad some people park these days?

In any case, here's the viral video showing how was can all play our part in protecting our vehicle while in a public parking lot.


@bigbruva_77 How to properly park in a parking space #educationtiktok #learnintiktok #lifehack #fypシ #BombPopAwards ♬ original sound - BigBruva🎙

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