Donna Summer blamed lung cancer on September 11 attacks. The entertainment legend passed away this morning at 63 after battling lung cancer for the last 10 months. Even though there is no scientific proof, the late singer thought living in New York at the time of the 911 tragedy had everything to do with her lung cancer diagnosis.

Donna Summer wanted to keep her illness as secretive as possible and did just that.  That's why the news of her passing took all of us, including those of us in the media, by surprise.

Donna Summer could still sell out an arena. When she performed in Mississippi a while back, my son called and asked if I wanted a ticket since he and a friend were driving to see her live. I told him I thought I'd pass. What a regret. Just last week I was in a meeting and said to those in attendance that I thought Donna Summer should come to Lafayette, La. I had been saying I wanted to see Donna Summer play a show  in Lafayette, for years.  After hearing of her passing this morning, to my sorrow,  I will never have a chance to see her live.

Early on in her career she told Dick Clark she wanted to host American Bandstand. With her talent she could have. If you want to get just a glimpse of how talented a singer she was, add 'VH 1 Presents: Donna Summer Live And More Encore' to your DVD music collection.

On the Polyester Power Hour this Friday, we will spotlight the music of Donna Summer. Let us know your favorite Donna Summer song so we can play them on the show.  Until then, please enjoy several videos of my favorite Donna Summer songs.