Who doesn't love Disney movies? I've been watching them since I was a toddler, from Winnie the Pooh to Jungle Book and everything in between. Though I have seen each movie multiple times, I guess that I wasn't paying close enough attention: watch as this side-by-side comparison rips away at a part of your childhood.

The. Same. Animation.

Now, why didn't I notice this before? Well, it's because my brain would never have thought to look for it.

I don't know the secrets behind animation. Could someone explain to me (like I was 5 years old) how they can just change the appearance of the backdrop and change the character but keep the same animation? I would think that, if you have to go through the trouble of changing/adding a character AND changing the background, wouldn't it be easy to change the animation at the same time?

Now I will never look at another Disney movie the same way (I will be trying to compare it to the other Disney movies to see if there is any "recycled" animation!).

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