If you've found yourself fighting with your significant other even over the subject of why you fight, you can take that argument off the list: neither of you are to blame. You just need to get more sleep.

Yet another study has been done, though this time, it's yielded a useful bit of information: people in relationships who don't get enough sleep are more prone to argue, fuss, and fight. "Couples experience more frequent and severe conflicts after sleepless nights,"Amie Gordon, lead author of a study published in the journal Social, Psychological, and Personality Science, told The Daily Mail.

Gordon and her team collected sleep date on more than one hundred couples who had been together for an average of two years. The couples were asked to provide details  about the quality of their sleep and relationship stressors over a period of two weeks.   The overwhelming response was that participants encountered more discontent and conflict with their partners on the days following a poor night's sleep.

It turns out that there is now scientific evidence to support the old adage "never go to bed angry." Click here to read the article in its entirety.