What should be the new name of the 'Polyester Power Hour' (Poly Po Ho) show on Friday mornings?  The 'Polyester Power Hour' show has evolved into something that no longer fits it's legendary name.  Acadiana's longest running, top rated Friday morning show on KTDY, needs a name change.  And we need your suggestions.

For 21years, the KTDY 'Polyester Power Hour' has been the number one rated show in the Lafayette market (Monday - Friday) and while it shows no signs of falling from the top spot, the show needs a re-branding.

When the Poly Po Ho first aired, it was an hour long and was predominantly hits from the 70s with a heavy lean on disco and funk.  It did so well in the ratings, the show was extended to 3 and a half hours, starting at 6:30am Friday mornings and remains in that time slot to this day.

The show continues to be called the 'Polyester Power Hour', however the music aired on the program now includes a healthy mix of 80s and 90s hits and even an occasional hometown favorite form local artists like Jamie Bergeron, Wayne Toups, Foret Tradition and more.  The 70s music that defined the show early on, is now featured as 'Flashbacks'.

The dilemma now is, what does KTDY call the show?  Should it be shortened to just, 'Poly Po Ho'?  One suggestion was, 'Poly Po Ho, Awesome Friday Morning Show', where it would eventually be called simply, 'The Awesome Friday Morning Show'.  One thing's for sure, 'Poly Po Ho' will remain a part of the name during the transition to the new name.  The problem KTDY is having, is renaming the monster that CJ and Debbie Ray in the Morning created 21 years ago.  And will people still refer to it as the 'Polyester Power Hour' no matter the new name?

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