Two years ago today, my daughter Brittni was diagnosed with leukemia.  Today she is in remission and works very very hard to keep her body as healthy as it can be.  The last two years have been tough on our family.  A child should never have to go through something like cancer and a parent should never have to watch it.  Two years ago, not only did Brittni's life change, but so did mine.  I'm just now trying to get my life back.  To breathe again.  Brttini has never let her illness stop her journey.  She's in clinical at UL.  She continues to live.  I haven't been.  Today's message speaks to my heart and I hope it speaks to yours as well.

Today's message is a reminder to not let fear and worry from the past keep you from living today.  It's from Thich Nhat Hanh.

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