Birthdays have always been very special in my family.  But I have to say after Brittni became very ill in 2016, everything changed, everything.  Birthdays became even more special.

Mary Brittni Clements, my family's 5-foot 4-inch package of strength, turned 26-years-old Tuesday, August 27th.  We celebrated her birthday a little early so that her mom could attend.  Deborah is now teaching in Egypt and had to return before the 27th.

In my family, the rule is on your birthday, you can pick any restaurant and have any meal.  That really is such a useless rule as my kids tell me where we're going to eat just about every time we eat out.  Well anyway, Brittni picked a family favorite, Imonelli on Johnston.  We just love it.  And her cake had to come from Nothing Bundt Cakes on Kaliste Saloom, yet another crowd-pleaser.  But instead of a cake, I got her 2 boxes of assorted Bundtinis.

We all try to sing 'Happy Birthday' every year and usually just end up ruining the song.  By the way, you hear me call Brittni 'Princess'.  She's no princess, it's a long story, but Blake called her that once when he was joking around and sometimes to have a little fun, we both still call her that.

Brittni has become very well known in these parts.  People will walk right by me to go hug her neck when we're out in public.  And I'm the one that's on the radio.  She is a very special young woman.  In her last year of nursing at ULL, which will be her 2nd degree.  We are extremely proud of her.

I thought I'd share a special moment in our lives with all of you.  You have been so kind to Brittni and to my family since she was diagnosed with cancer in 2016.  I thought you might want to see her have another birthday thanks to the power of God, prayer and the beautiful people of Acadiana.

I love you, Britt.


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