Making your girlfriend breakfast and surprising her with breakfast in bed, sounds romantic...right? Not for one poor guy who had to travel up a flight of stairs and didn't quite make it.

What a sweet gesture, breakfast in bed for someone you love. Until you make it all the way to the top of the stairs and your foot slips.

What started out as something very nice and sweet, turned into a huge mess and a boyfriend on the floor at the bottom of the stairs.

It’s still good for another 10 seconds. Just brush it off. -coleyoleyo418


Is he dead? -jiggly_jackson


Laying on the floor after that is really the only way to cope. -tulioesparza


Am I the only one thinking someone should check on this dude? -hbenblackwell


I would still eat it while I waited for the EMTs. -cleverlynamedchris


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If you've messed up breakfast and you're looking to make it up to your significant other, Lafayette has tons of restaurants with excellent food, but for a romantic meal, your choice has to involve a little more thought, especially if you've ruined breakfast like this guy. So, in Lafayette, which restaurants top the list for great food and a romantic atmosphere?

In an online poll, participants were asked, "What Lafayette Restaurant is Perfect for a Romantic Meal?" The results include popular restaurants that you know and love and some you may have never heard of.

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