Valentine's Day will fall on a Wednesday this year. If you are already thinking about what kind of special thing you can do for your loved one for the big day, we have been too.

Through scouting the website, I have found seven different spots in Acadiana where you could visit for several days to have a fun getaway. Why only seven? Well, there are technically hundreds, but as part of my search criteria, I asked to site to show me properties in our area with hot tubs!

Now, for many of us, we might be motivated to stay closer to home because it's Mardi Gras right before Ash Wednesday which just so happens to be Valentine's Day this year as well! That's not a problem as each of these seven locations is right in Acadiana. They are right in our backyard basically.

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Why Take a Romantic Getaway?

Why not? Some people may wonder if a romantic getaway really that great for a relationship, and the simple answer, from various sources, is "yes" it's good for your relationship.

Relationship expert Elizabeth Overstreet told Brides magazine that romantic getaways allow couples to be "spending time with one another, learning how to navigate and enjoy these new surroundings, and creating new fresh experiences with one another."

There are tons of resources explaining why getting away helps you to reignite your relationship. A article points out that a trip away can help you remember all the things you fell in love with in the first place. Now let's check out some of the places I found:

Cabin in New Iberia
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A Cabin Away from the World

There is a beautiful A-frame cabin in New Iberia, that according to the Airbnb listing is near Rip Van Winkle Gardens.

Included in the amenities for this place are a firepit, deck, private pond, and a hot tub.

You will be able to get in and out easily with your own personal code during your stay and they even include a digital guide to restaurants, sites, and attractions.

La Solange Lafayette Honeymoon Cabin in Lafayette
Airbnb Photo

A Sweet Cottage in Lafayette

How about running away to a sweet little cottage in Lafayette? The cottage is an intimate place where you can bring your own car or Uber back and forth to the parades if you choose.

In addition to being totally cute, this La Solange cottage has a Jacuzzi and a balcony.

The owner of the cottage, Adrienne is rated as a Superhost by Airbnb. When staying at this cottage you feel as if you are in the country, but you are close to great restaurants and shopping.

Lafayette Home with Hot Tub
Airbnb Photo

A House with a Heated Pool and Hot Tub

You can sit back and relax at this Lafayette home as it has several amenities including a pool and hot tub that you will have all to yourself. The best part is that it is heated all year long.

This little treasure in Lafayette has a patio plus a barbeque so if you decide you just want to sit poolside or in the hot tub all day, you have it all at your disposal.

This is also a great choice if you decide to bring your pets with you as this location is pet-friendly.

Breaux Bridge Home
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Luxury Retreat in Breaux Bridge 

A beautiful luxury home in Breaux Bridge is a place you can rent through The home not only features plenty of luxury but also a fireplace.

You can cuddle up with one another next to the fireplace, and then you can venture outside to have a fun dip in the private hot tub.

The website shows multiple complimentary comments by guests who have stayed at and enjoyed this home.

Abbeville Home
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Try Amy's Poolside Retreat in Abbeville

If you want to take a trip down Louisiana Highway 167 to visit Abbeville, there you will find Amy's Poolside Retreat.

In historic and beautiful Abbeville, this getaway will offer you a great time away from your usual home as you stay in this poolside retreat.

The owners offer a space outside area where you can also enjoy a fire feature.

Private Suite in Mansion in New Iberia Suite
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Private Suite in Bayouside Mansion in New Iberia

Just a few miles down the road you will find that you can rent a private suite in the Bayouside Mansion in New Iberia.

The suite hosts beautiful interiors with plenty of amenities included in your stay. You sleep in a bed with an antique bed frame.

You can rock on their front porch, and you can walk around this 8-acre property which takes you down to Bayou Teche.

Opelousas Home
Airbnb Photo

Beautiful Large Colonial Home Available in Opelousas

Just a hop, skip, and jump on Interstate 49 will take you to a beautiful colonial home in Opelousas.

This rental offers tons of space in the large home along with a pool and a hot tub.

You'll be able to snuggle up in front of the indoor fireplace when you're feeling romantic. There is also an outdoor dining area and a fire pit.

Again, these are places that I have chosen in our area that have a hot tub on the premises, but obviously, you may have different criteria for a romantic getaway.

Whatever you choose, have a Happy Valentine's Day.

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