Is your shampoo making you fat? A recent study suggests chemicals in many common beauty products could be secretly contributing to weight gain.

Doctors at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York say Phthalates, which are on approximately 70% of shampoo, cosmetic and soap ingredients lists, could act as endocrine disruptors and they should be avoided whenever possible.

This new research has appeared in previous studies that show the chemicals can cause damage to the human internal functions that naturally control body weight.

Researchers say endocrine disruptors can mimic the effects of hormones and inhibit the performance of glands that produce them.

The Mount Sinai researchers also warned against Bisphenol-A, a substance found in many food containers, plastic water bottles and baby bottles. Presence of this substance is indicated with a number 7 printed on the base of the plastic vessels.

Read more about what doctors discovered in the study here.

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