If you're looking for a different sleep experience in Acadiana you may want to drive to Grand Coteau, Louisiana.

Trainwreck Inn has several old train cars that have been redone and now you can rent one to sleep in. The new Airbnb in this small south Louisiana town is located on  Chatrian Street.

KATC reports this about these trendy Airbnds, "These buildings that were moved here date back to the 19 and 1800s,"

Margaret Brinkhaus of Sunset purchased these old train cars years ago and she has since sold them to the new owners, who have turned them into these gorgeous bed-and-breakfast rentals.

The modern look of these small "homes" is amazing and the original owner of the cars tells our media partners at KATC that while it hurts to not have them in her possession, she is just happy to see them still in use.

Check out a few photos from the inside and outside of these train cars in Grand Couteau. You can see more by visiting Trainwreck Inn's Facebook Page.

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