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The Washington Football Team is officially what the team wants to be called for now until they can figure out just how they want to rename and rebrand their franchise.

There has been much talk about what the franchise should rename their team, in fact, Scott Prather penned this piece regarding unique names Washington should consider changing their name to but won't.

One name not on the list is Sentinels.

Hail to the Sentinels? Maybe.

According to someone on Reddit, paperwork has been filed to trademark the name D.C. Sentinels.

Is this a ruse? Or could this be the next name?

Maybe Keanu Reeves can play quarterback.

In the 2000 movie The Replacement, Reeves plays the lead role of former football failure turned savior for the professional football team in Washington D.C. name, you guessed it, the Sentinels. Although, they were the Washington Sentinels, not D.C. Sentinels.

If the dude on Reddit is right, how would you feel about the name?

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Unique Team Names Washington Should Use But Won't


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