Ray Boudreaux of Carencro, Louisiana may be in the Top 8 on 'The Voice,' but he's till T-Ray to us back home. CJ and Debbie Ray had him on the Polyester Power Hour Friday, November 22, 2013 and he proved once again, that he's just as humble, down to earth and shy as ever. His confidence is building, though, as he's beginning to realize that being in the Top 8 really is a big deal! When we tried to get him to tell us what he was singing next week, he wouldn't say, but we did get him to tell us if it was closer to "old school" or a newer song...

Listen to the conversation here:


And if you're not from around here, "T" as in T-Ray, is the Cajun contraction of the French word "petite" which means little.

The Daily Advertiser reports that if Ray makes the Top 4, 'The Voice' will visit Lafayette. He will also be performing at Le Festival de Mardi Gras a Lafayette.

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