Most of us know not to leave a toddler alone near a crowded playground, swimming pool, or in an airport. Jackee and Ben Belnap learned the hard way not to leave a 2 year old unattended with cash and a paper shredder within reach. The Utah couple had saved more than $1,000.00 in cash to repay a personal debt. Their 2 year old son, Leo shredded the money, having learned how by helping Jackee shred junk mail. Little Leo obviously thought he was being helpful. It was probably fun, too. All is not lost the Belnaps have contacted the Bureau of Enraving and Printing's mutilated cash division. They're sending the shredded cash in Ziplock bags so it can be analyzed, and eventually replaced. I expect the couple will be more careful where they put their cash in the future.

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