Winter is coming and did you know that there are some simple ways to warm your home as temperatures drop?

Sure, you can run the heater or light the fireplace, but those do take some effort and they can run up the bill.

So, let's look at a few other ways you can heat your home this winter.


For starters, you can cook and heat your home at the same time. You may have noticed that when you cook in your home the temperature slowly rises. So rather than eating out, cook this winter and heat your home at the same time.


Now, here's one that I did not know about. You can use bubble wrap on your windows this winter to help insulate your home. The bubble wrap will decrease heating loss while you attempt to keep your home warm. I should note here, good luck if you have kids, they love this stuff.


Even with temperatures dropping during the winter months, you can turn your ceiling fan to help warm your home. You will want to set your fan to turn in the CLOCKWISE rotation and set it to the lowest speed.

This will force warmer air to recede and could help cut your energy bill in the winter by 15%.


Another thing you can do in your house this winter to help keep it warm is to inspect your windows and make sure that there aren't any drafts. You don't want the warm air in your home to seep out and you also do not want the cold air outside to make its way inside while you're attempting to warm your house on a cold morning.


Prior to winter, if you live in an older house you may want to have someone inspect the insulation in your home. That may be in the walls or even in the attic of your house. Old insulation will not do the job it is intended to do, thus you should replace old worn insulation prior to winter.

Insulation is vital to keeping your house warm in the winter.


One inexpensive thing you can do prior to winter is buy thick or heated blankets. I know a number of people who bundle up on cold days in their houses. Rather than running the heater all day, just bundle up inside and stay warm.


Here's one that I love to do. During the winter, open the blinds in your house and let the sunshine it. The natural heat works wonders and you can get some beautiful views while stuck in your house on a cold South Louisiana day


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