Can Alcohol Really Help Us Get Along Better?
The socially inept can often suffer from debilitating tremors of shyness and inhibition, while those who grind the gnashing teeth off the full-blooded booze hound often throw caution to the wind and ride the dastardly beast until its legs fall off.
With that philosophy in mind, it appears that alcoho…
Is This Picture Moving Or Not?
Is this picture moving or not?  I'm always amazed how people see things differently when the object they are all looking at, is the same.
Mac and PC People Think Differently
Are you a 'Mac' person , or a 'PC' person?
A new survey reveals that Mac and PC people think differently. The suggestion website says it is able to predict a person’s preferences in terms of movies, food, art and even political leanings based on their operating system of choice. The folks a…
Jennifer Lopez is People’s Most Beautiful Woman
Jennifer Lopez may be having the best year ever.
The actress-turned-singer-turned-reality TV host, who can currently be seen as one of three judges on FOX's 'American Idol,' was named PEOPLE's Most Beautiful Woman, the magazine revealed today.
In the issue, on newsstands Friday, Lopez talks about diet…

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