The former participant of Love Is Blind's fifth season, Renee Poche from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, has filed a lawsuit against Netflix and production company Delirium TV, alleging coercive practices and emotional distress during her time on the show. Poche claims she was compelled to engage with her ex-fiancé, Carter Wall, despite raising concerns about his alleged abusive behavior.

The lawsuit, obtained by PEOPLE, outlines Poche's accusations of "unlawful employment practices," "unfair competition," and "intentional infliction of emotional distress" by Netflix and Delirium TV. Poche asserts that despite expressing reservations about Wall's purported "erratic and alarming behavior and emotional instability," she was coerced into participating and continuing her engagement with him.

According to Poche, she endured a traumatic experience during filming, feeling unsupported and confined when expressing her concerns about safety to the production team. She stated, "I felt like a prisoner and had no support when I let Delirium know that I didn't feel safe."

Allegations in the lawsuit portray Wall as a problematic figure, described as a "walking red flag" who allegedly displayed abusive behavior, dishonesty, financial instability, and substance abuse during filming. Poche claims that Wall's behavior, both on and off-camera, was emotionally abusive and alarming.

The complaint also alleges that the production was aware of Wall's mental instability, with a camera operator reportedly quitting after being threatened by him. Poche asserts that despite raising alarms and expressing fear, she was pressured to spend extended periods alone with Wall and was warned of legal consequences if she discontinued her participation or refused to proceed with the engagement.

Following the conclusion of filming, Poche discovered that their storyline wouldn't be featured on the show. She subsequently made public remarks about her distressing experience on Love Is Blind. In response, Delirium TV initiated arbitration against Poche, claiming a breach of her nondisclosure agreement and seeking $4 million in damages, significantly more than the $8,000 she allegedly earned from her appearances.

Poche contests the legality and enforceability of the agreement and aims to clear herself of any liabilities through the lawsuit. She expressed her intent to share her truth to shed light on the experiences faced by castmates, stating, "I felt it was only right to let others know the truth of what all of the castmates had to endure."

Despite multiple attempts, Netflix, Delirium TV, and Wall have not responded to requests for comments on the matter.

Love Is Blind's creator, Chris Coelen, previously emphasized to PEOPLE that participants' safety is a priority and that cast members are not compelled to stay on the show if they feel unsafe. Coelen highlighted the participants' autonomy in decision-making during filming.

The lawsuit by Poche raises serious concerns about the production and handling of participants' well-being on reality TV shows, calling into question the responsibilities of production companies in ensuring a safe and ethical environment for contestants.

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