What makes you 'somebody'?  I've been around a while and have had the wonderful opportunity of meeting tons of great people and every one unique.

For instance,last night while attending the Krewe of Rio Mardi Gras ball, something dawned on me...we are all in here (Cajundome Convention Center) doing our best to impress.  Everyone was dressed to the nines.  It definitely was the place to be and be seen and that's what we all wanted...to be seen at the most happening place in Lafayette.  And to have fun while doing it.  Lots of money was spent by all to get 'noticed'.

But I wanted to get deeper into this thought of, what makes us 'somebody'?  Better yet, what makes us 'think' we're somebody?  Is it how much money we have, what kind of car we drive, how many garage doors we have remotes to, who we know, how prestigious our job, the cloths we wear, or is it simply ego?

Many times I feel like people treat me differently because I'm on the radio.  I know I get special treatment because of it.  I've been in a situation that wasn't going so well, but once everyone found out it's the guy from the radio station, everything changes.  Kinda like what someone once said about Oprah;  She has all the money in the world but yet doesn't pay for a meal.  Meanwhile, a homeless person on the street who could use a hot meal, may not get one.

Why is that?  Is Oprah better, in God's eyes, than a pauper on the street...probably not.  But society would place Oprah on a pedestal...humm.  Why?  Is because of fame, fortune, because she has helped people or is it because her personality is just irresistible?  Bottom line...Oprah is no better than you or me.

You know who we should salute, the people who have worked tirelessly to love other people.  Those who risk their lives in our military.  The person who would risk their own life to save another.  Every parent who would take a bullet for their children.  We should salute the little old lady down the street who makes sure she checks on the the other little old lady who lives 2 houses down.  We should scream the praises of those who are in professions that the rest of us would never consider...like Doctors, nurses, waste management personnel, the volunteers at the animal shelter, etc.

Whether, you amount to anything in this life has nothing to do with your bank roll, car, popularity or how much you spent on a tux for a fabulous night out on the town.  What makes you special is the love in your heart today and everyday, the way you treat others today and everyday, and the legacy you leave behind.  None of which you can fake.

Everyone is a winner at birth, what will you be at death?  Maybe that's what that dash means on all those headstones.