Are you a 'Mac' person , or a 'PC' person?

A new survey reveals that Mac and PC people think differently. The suggestion website says it is able to predict a person’s preferences in terms of movies, food, art and even political leanings based on their operating system of choice. The folks at Hunch analyzed data from users to break down the differences between Mac people and PC people – 52% of respondents were PC people, 25% Mac people, 23% were neither. According to Hunch:

Mac Users:

  • Are typically ages 18-34
  • Are more likely to be vegetarian
  • Likes include: indie films, modern art, and designer/retro/chic clothing
  • Are probably watching Bravo, Showtime, and HBO
  • Value “uniqueness” as a quality
  • Prefer bistro-type fries followed by McDonald’s fries

PC Users:

  • Are likely between the ages of 35-49
  • Probably watch mostly Hollywood films
  • Like impressionist art
  • “Wear jeans”
  • Probably watch the Syfy Channel, History Channel, and USA
  • Prefer McDonald’s fries followed by Steak fries