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Steve Wiley Is Giving His CDs Away!
I've been collecting CDs since 1987. Sometimes it seems like they mate & multiply overnight. They're everywhere, like the "Tribbles" on Star Trek. My collection easily exceeds 1,000. Some of them haven't been listened to in years. Others have never been played, and a few…
How To Get A Song Out Of Your Head
You wake up in the morning and a song inters your head, and never leaves. You're driving and a song comes on and you can't get it out of your mind. An ear worm will drive you crazy. But it doesn't have too.
Travis Matte’s New Song Is ‘Bye Felicia’ [AUDIO]
Our local talent, crazy man Travis Matte, has a new song called 'Bye Felicia'. The man who gave us 'Vibrator', heard at every club and wedding reception in Acadiana, gives us another song that may end up being just as popular.

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