KTDY started playing 'Stay With Me' by Sam Smith this week.  Is he the male version of Adele?

Born in 1992, this British singer-songwriter has exploded onto the American music scene with a song that very well could have been a hit by Adele.  Smith has had some success with a duo called Disclosure, now he's solo and his song 'Stay With Me' is already a hit in the US.

'Stay With Me', from the album 'In The Lonely Hour', is a perfect example where less is more.  The song doesn't have the most amazing lyrics you've ever heard.  The video doesn't have fireworks or big fancy choreography.  And Smith certainly doesn't over-sing it.  But it's perfect!  It sounds different enough to stand out, the arrangement is where gospel meets emotion and Smith is simply complex.

Listen to Sam Smith's stunning version of Whitney Houston's 'How Will I Know'.