Do you have a song that takes the edge off a bad day?  A song that moves you, inspires you, make you think?  I have one for you.

I'm not going to tell you what it is though, you'll have to watch the very short video above. One day last week, I think it was a day or two after Robin Williams death, I was having a pretty crappy day.  No particular reason, I think it was my mood more than anything.  I pulled up at the house and a song that inspires me to some degree every time I hear it, comes on the radio.  But it was one of those days I simply needed to hear it at that very moment.  Even though I hear this song a lot, it was just one of those 'I needed this moments'  for me.

Maybe you've heard this song a hundred times before but you never REALLY heard it.  Take a minute to LISTEN to the words and have a blessed day!