Steve Has Your Tickets For Krewe De Bayou!
Krewe De Bayou is fast approaching! Don't get left out. It's next Saturday, January 19th at the Downtown Ballroom on Jefferson Street. This is a Mardi-Gras ball for everybody. We'll have music from Vagabond Swing & Nik-L-Beer.
Two Habits That Will Help You Lose Weight
Early January is the time of year when you start to see and hear more weight lose products advertised on radio and television, but there are two habits that will help you lose weight and stay healthy.
Who Was Lee?
Who was Lee?  Did you know him?  I didn't, but I bet many of you did.  Especially if you frequent Shop Rite on Ambassador Caffery near Dulles Dr. in Lafayette.
Best Diet For Health And Weight Loss
What is the best diet for health and weight loss?  This is the time of year everyone is thinking about New Year's resolutions and many Americans will opt for 'weight loss'.
NORAD Is Tracking Santa!
NORAD's 2012 Santa Tracker is now active. You can follow Santa Claus around the world.NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) is a joint Canadian-American airspace monitoring and alert program. NORAD began tracking Santa in 1955. The program began as a mistake.
So Much For An All Manning Superbowl
So Much For An All Manning Superbowl. So much for my "expertise", too! A couple weeks ago, it was apparent that my beloved New Orleans Saints weren't going to make the playoffs. No Home Superbowl.
Come On, Girls. Give Him A Little Credit.
I can't speak for other guys, but Christmas shopping is a miserable, stressful experience for me. In my view, Christmas gifting is definitely a Labor of love. A new survey by dating service It’s Just Lunch says women don't give men enough credit...

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