Last night I spent time with some very good friends, some very good food, and a relatively quiet evening.  No crowds, no headache this morning... it was a nice, quiet evening, until I got home.  I pulled into the driveway at a few seconds before midnight, so I was able to capture the 'finale' of the neighbor's fireworks display.  Notice in the video the bonfire, it was located approximately 300 yards from where I was standing;  it was quite huge!!


So many of us try to 'turn a new leaf' each year for our resolution, and, if any are like me, they end up just they always have been. One of my Facebook friends summed it up when she posted this last night: "Hate to be the bearer of bad news to all those that believe a "new year" will bring change to your life, but tomorrow morning when you wake up you will still be as messed up as a pile of coat hangers, just like today, yesterday, and last year. So stop being fake and accept who you really are. Have fun tonight and be safe, but tomorrow really is JUST another day!"

Thanks for the pep talk, Summer! Ha!
From all of us at 99.9 KTDY, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Now, pass me some cabbage!

(Via YouTube)