One of the most requested songs on the Halloween edition of the Polyester Power Hour and on Friday the 13th is 'Marie Laveau' by Bobby Bare.  It is a great song about a woman who lived down in the swamps of Louisiana named Marie Laveau.  Over the years she has been labeled a witch and thought to have practiced voodoo.

Fact is, Marie Laveau was not a witch but was very much a Christian woman who helped many in the New Orleans area over her lifetime.  Experts believe one of the reasons folks down in the swamps of Louisiana thought she was a witch is because she never seemed to get old.  But what people didn't know back in the day is that Marie Laveau did indeed become old and wasn't able to get around much so she would send her daughter into town to run errands.  Well the locals thought it was Marie and the rest is, as they say...history.

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