Something Different For Your Memorial Day Cookout
Barbecue pits are firing up all over the nation this weekend. Folks will be grilling, and smoking a wide variety of old favorites, and undoubtedly trying a few new things. Burgers are always popular. Here's a twist on a long time favorite...
My Name Is CJ And I’d Like You To Meet My Mom [VIDEO]
Acadiana, I'd like you to meet my mom. She loved country music, Conway Twitty, her son and thought her grand kids hung the moon. She didn't care to cook much, but loved to sew. She was probably one of the most incredible women on Earth, and I never took the time to notice until it was t…
Facts You Might Not Know About Mother’s Day
Happy Mother's day to all of our amazing moms! Hopefully your day is filled with good times, laughter and a lot of love. While you're gathered with family and friends, here are a few things about Mother's Day you might not know about this special day.
Woman Who Created It Came To Hate Mother’s Day
Anna Jarvis created Mother's Day, and soon came to hate it.
According to this story from CNN, Jarvis just wanted a day to recognize mothers. What the day eventually turned into prior to her death was NOT what she had envisioned.
Jarvis died in 1948, well prior to the age of social media and 24-ho…

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