How to make Popsicles at home?  The other night I was out trying to hunt down a banana Popsicle.  I finally found a bag of artificially flavored banana Popsicles at Walmart.  I only wanted one or two but ended up having to buying this gigantic bag because they were the only banana flavored Popsicles I could find at that hour of the evening.

In my quest for banana flavored Popsicles, I learned of the many many flavors Popsicles now come in...Mango, Coconut, Double Chocolate, no sugar added, real and not so real, you name it.  But banana flavored were very hard to find.  Popsicles just represent Summertime to me and takes me back to the feeling of being off from school.

Guess I'll just have to make 'um myself!