These images of Hurricane Hilda hitting south Louisiana in 1964 are reminders of the devestation a hurricane can leave behind as Louisiana heads into what experts believe could be a fairly active hurrican season. Hilda, was the third hurricane to make landfall in the United States during the 1964 Atlantic hurricane season.  A Category 4 hurricane by the time she made landfall in early October of '64.  Thirty eight people died, oil platforms were damaged or destroyed and Hilda caused over $126 million damage to homes, property and businesses.

Hurricane season begins June 1st and runs through November.  This hurricane season will definitely be one to keep and eye on.  Colorado State University predicts 10 named storms this season.  The Colorado team predicts 4 will become hurricanes, 2 being major hurricanes (Category 3 or higher).  There is a 42% chance that one hurricane will make U-S  landfall.

However, other meteorologists suggest a more active hurricane season in 2012 due to a mild winter and elements that are perfectly in place to create the perfect hurricane.  Either way, please stay prepared and always have a radio with fresh batteries to keep you and your family informed.

In this very clear black and white video from 1964 you'll see Hurricane Hilda bearing down on downtown Franklin, damage in Morgan City, devastation in Erath, evacuees in Blackham Coliseum and more.


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