Today is Friday, September 28th. There are 87 days until Christmas.

On this date in 1955, NBC Television broadcast the World Series in color for the first time.

In 1968, the Beatles topped the charts with their hit "Hey Jude."

In 1982, the first deaths in the Chicago area from Extra-strength Tylenol capsules laced with cyanide were reported.  Seven people died.  The case resulted in tamper-proof packaging for consumer products.

Today is Good Neighbor Day, Strawberry Cream Pie Day, and Drink Beer Day.

Actress Angie Dickinson is 87. She was the star of the TV series, “Policewoman,” and the movie, “Oceans 11.” She was also number 42 on Playboy’s list of the "100 Sexiest Stars of the Century" in 1999.

Actor Barry Williams, Greg on the Brady Bunch, is 64.

Hip-hop singer T-Pain is 33.

Dancer Maddie Ziegler from “Dance Moms” and Sia’s “Chandelier” video is 16 "Dance Moms."

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