A member of the Little Ladies Society posted on Facebook over the weekend about meeting a homeless man named William who had fallen on hard times. Acadiana responds like Acadiana is well known to do!

Click the "Read More" button on the Facebook post below to read the heartwarming story, especially the updated section!

There is a probably a Bible quote that goes with this kind of story, but I don't know the quote word-for-word. Let's just go with "If you can, do".

The Little Ladies Society sounds like a great organization in which to involve your kids. From their Facebook page:

Little Ladies desire is to give a helping hand to those in need. Their first gift was for Women's & Children's Shelter. They continue to help others.
Little Ladies Society is a non-profit organization that consist of six 7 & 8 year olds who have a passion to help the needy. This organization began at a birthday sleeper over. The girls decided to make homemade signs saying "collecting money for the poor". They raised $135 and donated it to the local women's and children's shelter. That motivated them to begin this journey.
The path to helping thousands of people begins with helping one. Start today.

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