It's well known that people in Acadiana love to give back. We are within the final hours of Hygiene of Humanity which BBR Creative heads up. Hygiene for Humanity is in its 9th year and aims to raise awareness about hygiene inequality across Acadiana. They are partnering with Catholic Charities of Acadiana to support its programs for the homeless and other at-risk populations. Hygiene for Humanity has provided thousands of hygiene products and supplies to individuals experiencing food, shelter, and hygiene insecurities.

BBR Creative
BBR Creative

Donation's can be dropped off at Rouses Markets and through an Amazon Wish List. Full-size items that can be donated include but are not limited to:
● Shampoo
● Conditioner
● 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner
● Body Wash
● Deodorant*
● Hand Sanitizer*
*Travel-sized also accepted

According to advocates, basic hygiene products can significantly improve the lives of homeless individuals in our area. Access to items like soap, toothpaste, shampoo, and sanitary products can address immediate health concerns. They also serve to restore dignity.

Regular hygiene practices help prevent the spread of diseases, infections, and skin conditions that are prevalent in homeless communities. By maintaining personal hygiene, homeless individuals can enhance their self-esteem, mental well-being, and overall quality of life. Additionally, access to clean clothes and personal care items is necessary when looking for work. This could increase the chances of allowing them to find stable housing. Making this donation of these basic products is a crucial step towards supporting the health and well-being of the homeless population.

It's hard to believe the great impact that can be made with basic life necessities for someone in need. The rising temperatures are an ongoing challenge, but basic hygiene products could be the hand-up someone needs to make it through the day. You can make an impact.

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