The next time you visit your favorite restaurant in Acadiana, see if they offer you complimentary bread prior to you ordering your meal.

Like in some bars, there's a science behind what is given or offered while you're there and I will never turn down the bread rolls or loaf of bread at some places.

So, why do some restaurants offer you complimentary bread upon being seated? Well, the answer centers around your blood sugar.

Some bars often offer their patrons pretzels or other salty treats because the salt will make you want to drink more and the same tactic is used with bread.


While the bread may not make you more thirsty, it will enhance your cravings for what is on the menu in the restaurant.

You see bread, which is loaded with carbs, will spike your blood sugar and when that happens you become a bit more hungry.

Thus, if you're in a restaurant, after eating the complimentary bread, you are more likely to order more when the time comes. So yes, there is a strategy to what is offered to you as soon as you are seated in a restaurant.


While discussing this at work, I did ask a colleague if she thought that chips and peanuts do the same, and we agreed that they too probably increase your appetite.

Now, while they are"free" someone is likely paying for them, and that someone is you and me.

So, enjoy, and just know that if you don't want to overeat the next time you're in a restaurant, take it easy on any complementary food items, like bread, that may be offered to you.

There's a reason why they're being offered.

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