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Lafayette Water Works, are you working on fixing the problem in the Ridge and Judice areas?

During peak hours, water pressure, wait, what water pressure?  I used to think the problem was because of inadequate piping into certain neighborhoods but after taking to folks in the area, it seems to be widespread.  Plus, if the problem was in the piping, the problem wouldn't come and go.  During non peak hours the pressure's fine, which would indicate that when the system is not taxed, all is good.  But when water consumption is at it's peak during morning hours and early evening, water pressure is 100% inadequate.

More and more people are moving into the Ridge/Judice areas and low water pressure may in fact be caused by poor planning.  So what do we do now?  Can the pressure be adjusted up during certain times to compensate?

If you are experiencing low water pressure in the Ridge/Judice areas, please contact Lafayette Parish Waterworks District South at (337) 989-9600 or P. O. Box 700 Maurice, La.  70555-0700.

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