Good morning and happy Text Your Ex Day.  (Good luck with that.)  CJ and Jenn in the Morning will have Lauren Daigle concert tickets at 7:20 AM today.  Also, this morning at 9:20 AM you can win a spot for you and a guest at CJ and Jenn's first-ever Bougie Bar Party.


125 years ago - In 1894, Daniel M. Cooper patented the Time Clock.

81 years ago - In 1938, Orson Welles made his famous "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast.  Millions of listeners thought New Jersey was actually being invaded by aliens.  The show was broadcast to radios over many states.  A woman was found dead in Pittsburgh after drinking poison.  She said she would rather die that way than by being attacked by aliens.

74 years ago - In 1945, the U.S. government announced the end of shoe rationing.  For the previous two and a half years, leather had been in such high demand for the war that the government limited the amount of new shoes Americans were allowed to buy.

49 years ago - In 1970, Jim Morrison was sentenced to six months of hard labor and fined $500 for indecent exposure at a concert in Miami.  Morrison died before he could work out his legal problems.

45 years ago - In 1974, Muhammad Ali unveiled his��"Rope-A-Dope" strategy.  Ali let George Foreman fight hard for 8 rounds tiring himself out.  Muhammad Ali came back hot knocking out Foreman to regain the heavyweight title.

38 years ago - In 1981, "Halloween 2" was released.

26 years ago - In 1993, Meat Loaf's album "Bat Out Of Hell 2 - Back Into Hell" hit #1 on the charts.

19 years ago - In 2000, Steve Allen, the creator and original host of "The Tonight Show", suffered a heart attack after a car accident.

19 years ago - In 2000, U2 released "All That You Can't Leave Behind", which included the Grammy-winning hits "Beautiful Day" and "Walk On".

7 years ago - In 2012, Disney purchased George Lucas' production company Lucasfilm which included the rights to Star Wars and Indiana Jones.


Ashley Graham is 32.

Ivanka Trump is 38.

Fiona Dourif is 38.

Matthew Morrison is 41.

Nia Long is 49.

Gavin Rossdale is 54.

Kevin Pollak is 62.

T. Graham Brown is 65.

Harry Hamlin is 68.

Henry Winkler is 74.

Otis Williams is 78.

Grace Slick is 80.


Text Your Ex Day

Candy Corn Day

Speak Up For Service Day

Publicist Day 


Tomorrow is Halloween.

4 days until Daylight Saving Time ends


Today:  60% chance for rain, 83.

Tonight:  Storms late, 48.

Thursday (Halloween):  90% chance for rain early, clearing by trick or treating hours, 55.

Friday:  Sunny, 59.

Have a wonderful Hump Day.



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