Good morning Sugahs, today on 99.9 KTDY, CJ and Jenn in the Morning will have tickets to the Lauren Daigle concert in the Cajundome.  Be listening at 7:20.  At 9:20, you'll have a chance to win an invitation to CJ and Jenn's very first Bougie Bar Party.  Looks like Halloween is going to be windy and cold.  Today is when the rain starts, 40% chance for rain, 74.


90 years ago - In 1929, the Stock Market crashed.  Thousands of people lost everything.  It is the very event that caused the Great Depression.  We now refer to the crash as Black Tuesday.  It took nearly 10 years for America to bounce back.

74 years ago - In 1945, the first Ballpoint Pen was sold for $12.50 by Gimbel's Department Stores.

59 years ago - In 1960, a young Cassius Clay boxed in his first professional fight.  He beat Tunney Hunsaker to win a 6-round decision.

48 years ago- In 1971, Duane Allman from the Allman Brothers died in a motorcycle accident in his hometown of Macon, Georgia . . . at age 24.  A year later, the band also lost bassist Berry Oakley in another motorcycle accident.  Oakley's accident was just 3 blocks from where Duane died.

26 years ago - In 1993, a group of U.S. Luge Athletes were attacked in Oberhof, Germany.

26 years ago- In 1993, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" was released.  Tim Burton's weird but popular masterpiece.

21 years ago - In 1998, Senator John Glenn returned to space at Age 77,

21 years ago - In 1998, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman got a $500,000 settlement from London's "Express" newspaper.  The newspaper had printed an article claiming they are both gay.

11 years ago- In 2008, Delta Air Lines merged with Northwest Airlines to create the largest airline in the world.

7 years ago - In 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast causing almost $70 billion in damages and killing at least 147 people.


Kevin DuBrow  (1955 - 2007)

Tove Lo is 32.

Janet Montgomery is 34.

Jon Abrahams is 42.

Tracee Ellis Ross is 47.

Winona Ryder is 48.

Joely Fisher is 52.

Randy Jackson is 58.

Dan Castellaneta is 62.

Kate Jackson is 71.

Richard Dreyfuss is 72.

Denny Laine is 75.

Daniel Decatur Emmett  (1815 - 1904)

Kevin DuBrow  (1955 - 2007)


Cat Day 

Stroke Day 

Hermit Day 

Oatmeal Day 


2 days until Halloween

5 days until Daylight Saving Time ends.


Today:  40% chance for rain, 73.

Tonight:  Sprinkles, 69.

Wednesday:  60% chance for rain, 82.

Thursday (Halloween):  90% chance for rain, windy and cold, 55.

Friday:  Sunny 59.

Have a wonderful day.






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