Most people assume that radio station disk jockeys have their radios on 24/7, and that's just not true. As part of our jobs, we do have to keep up with the latest music, but we also have to keep up with sports, politics, television shows, movies, pop culture, and other current events.

Shannon makes me "disconnect" from work for at least one hour per day (she says it's good for my soul, and she is WAY smarter than me, so I listen to her). I usually disconnect when I am cooking. How do I disconnect, you ask? Well, I listen to music. Some new music, some older music. Some of the music is from artists we play on KTDY, but most of it is from artists who do NOT get much airtime.

When CJ isn't at work, he'll usually listen to Elvis or Loretta. Steve Wiley will usually listen to Eric Clapton (or whomever Ruthie wants to listen to). Emily J watches something on Netflix, and Chris Meaux plays with his Superman dolls (just kidding: he spends time with his wife and kids).

I normally listen to singer-songwriters. These are the people who put their hearts on their sleeves and let it all hang out. Shawn Mullins, Eva Cassidy, Jackson Browne, Lyle Lovett, Patty Griffin, Gregory Alan Isakov, Josh Ritter - the list goes on. One of the latest artists I've been listening to is actually coming to Baton Rouge in March. His name is John Fullbright, and I just love the way he tells a story.


Fullbright will be at the Red Dragon Listening Room in Baton Rouge, and I am hoping I can collect enough aluminum cans to pay for a ticket!

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