If you're a regular listener of 99.9 KTDY, statistics indicate a 75% probability that you're female. Do you know what that special man in your life wants for Valentines Day?

The odds are, he doesn't want anything. Nearly half the male respondents (41%) to a survey, published by yougov.com said they don't want anything. If you're a guy & that special lady says she doesn't want anything, don't take it at face value. 31% of female respondents said they want a card. 28% want chocolate, and 27% want a card. One in four says she doesn't want anything. I'm a little suspicious of that. A lot of men dread Valentine's Day. Many of us believe there's a telepathic communication among women that we just don't "get." There's a widespread fear among men of failing to meet a woman's unspoken expectations. My fiancee prefers experiences to objects. I'm, fortunately, in a line of work that affords a lot of opportunity for that sort of thing.


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